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  1. Hi RiOtEr, Thanks for the reply. I've used...

    Hi RiOtEr,
    Thanks for the reply. I've used webmin on Linux servers before; it's a general server administration tool. I was thinking more in the way of an applications that behaves like CensorNet...
  2. Who knows surf control apps written in perl or php?

    I's like to know of surf control apps developed in perl or php (Browser management consoles) that operate on ipchains ot iptables.
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    Re: Have I Been Hacked (2)

    Hi sputnik,
    The fact that your modem will autodial often on its own might be an indication of a trojan virus or a worm in your PC.
    I use the system monitor tool to check if this is the case. Do...
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    Greeting from Venezuela

    Greetings to all the Roll Call posters,
    I'm from Caracas/Venezuela and am self employed in the IT service industry. I run my own small company that assembles ans sells PC and Linux Servers for the...
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