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    Divx Dvd Confusion

    Alright, this is the best place i could think of to post this though it's not really big on the decryption stuff. Anyways, my bro has this dvd he pretty much wants to "rip" onto his computer, I've...
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    Urgent! Need Help!

    Ok here goes,
    I installed KDE Mandrake Linux as winlinux or as a file in windows. Earlier today i stupidly deleted the linux file. I then reinstalled linux as i have before. But now everytime...
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    Searching For Prog. Please Help!


    I've been recently searching for a free copy of winlinux (fullversion) but I cant find any anywhere. I've checked,, and just searched for it on...
  4. URGENT!! Need help with virus files.

    Alright, I really need help on this.
    See I have some files and they're infected with a trojan and I already tried to quarintine the files using Norton antivirus (lol) and that didn't work. So then I...
  5. Need Help From Pro With Phones/ Good Phreaker!!!!!!!


    I have a phone that seems to have a short circuit or something causing this annoying buzzing sound. I opened the phone cause I was fixing to make a blak box, but I decided to fix this first....
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