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  1. Whats Wrong with Utah?!?!

    Hey, thanks for your understanding. :halo: BTW, what's wrong with Utah? I know a lot of really nice people down here. Come on guys, dont let where I live scare you away, I would really like to...
  2. My school is in Utah. -Phlykir

    My school is in Utah.

  3. Replies

    Anyone know how to use Bryddes or Crypt3?

    Hey, call me a lamer if you want, but I can't figure out how to decrypt my file encrypted with DES. I have the programs "Bryddes" and "Crypt3". if any of you have knowledge of their workings, or if...
  4. Yea! you came back! :umph: seriously...

    Yea! you came back! :umph:

    seriously though, Ao1, your right, but hey, it happens right?

    Remote: R.M. was my failed attempt at your name. :hello:

    life is good!

    .....well I guess I...
  5. Greetings again, I feel I must have insulted too...

    Greetings again, I feel I must have insulted too many of you, and for that I appoligize. Please let me know if you are still interested.

  6. Greetings, I had hope to avoid this but oh well ...

    Greetings, I had hope to avoid this but oh well ;)

    first of all: Dr. T., "Prolly one of the "Goodbye Members" " is quite observant, although wrong :eek:
    secondly: R.M., your observation is...
  7. Posible lecture/discussion on internet/network security?

    Greetings, I know many of you don't know me, but thats ok ;) that will come with time....

    Any way, my question is this,
    would any of you be willing to come to my class and give a...
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