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  1. Thank you VictorKaum and Kewl_Zero, My...

    Thank you VictorKaum and Kewl_Zero,
    My connection works normal.
    As I undrestood, all requests are from my ISP, although they seem to be from many different 10.*.*.* IP addresses.
    Sorry if the...
  2. "NetBIOS Name" request from reserved IP addressesZonelarm shows "NetBIOS Name" r

    ZoneAlarm shows "NetBIOS Name" requests from the following IPs , , , and more, all UDP.
    It happens everytime I connect to my ISP, dial-up, dynamic IP....
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    Yahoo mail script in Opera

    I use Opera 6.0 for web Browsing, and have an email account in yahoo. When I go there ( ) and sign in, Opera gives the following pop-up two times:

    "A script wants to read the...
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