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  1. utility that looks like netstat but offers more

    i waznt sure where to post this, but i wanted to know if there waz a utility out there that looked liked netstat - as far as listing all active network connections- but allows you to select the...
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    i didnt think about that Dhej, but it is the icon...

    i didnt think about that Dhej, but it is the icon in os x that is jumping around, i will try that la8r today and let ya know if that solved it.
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    no harm >> detoxsmurf, but that waz a windoze...

    no harm >> detoxsmurf, but that waz a windoze virus, and a windoze online virus scanner.

    and yea, i did let norton update its virus defs to whatever is there lastest., but i can only scan for...
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    Strange things happening to my icons.

    Ok, i recently found out i had sub7 running on my box, and i removed it (@least i hope i did!) and i dont know if this is the cause of this, but every time i shutdown my box and start it back up, or...
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    im doing the same...

    i agree with wickdgin in its not what ya know but how well you use what ya know, i too am wanting to program in hopes of making it a living, i wanted to know if you are learning C++ on your own or in...
  6. Thanks for the links

    Thank you for those links, i will go over them and see if they will work for me. I did glance at the first one and it waz talking 10.2, and i havent made that move yet (need the $$$!) I did find out...
  7. i forgot to add this,

    i also wanted to know if pgp would encrypt folders as well, since puzzlepalace only encrypts single files, of if any other prog will encrypt folders with files in them?
  8. macintosh encryption, puzzlepalace in question.

    I waznt sure if should place this in the mac forum or not, but since this is about encryption more than about the mac i thought i would put it in here. I have this prog, its called puzzlepalace...
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