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  1. besides the cases of 'human error' when errors...

    besides the cases of 'human error' when errors occur in the underlying technology or in the application of the usage procedures for it there is another class of error, similar to the one pointed out...
  2. Thanks for the link! Point taken - but...

    Thanks for the link!

    Point taken - but aren't these flaws the result of either human failure (e.g. the coder) or of management failure (e.g. focus on features instead of secure system...
  3. Need Help with Research into IS Security Failures

    I'm conducting research into IS Security failures and measures for my MSc Dissertation at South Bank University, London.
    Main part of this research is a survey of UK based companies, establishing...
  4. Thread: Hi!

    by mthierst


    not sure if there's much interesting about me... but here you go!
    - based in London, UK
    - 15 years in IT
    - last job international IS Manager, including security management
    - currently finishing...
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