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    Thanks for the help, but I have fixed it myself....

    Thanks for the help, but I have fixed it myself. I just pulled out and reinstalled the hard drive cable and everything is fine (even the clock for some reason). I don't know why this would slow it...
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    Slow Bootup?

    I have a dual boot setup with Win XP and SuSE Linux. My computer is a 1.8GHz P4 with 512MB of RAM. Just yesterday it started booting really slowly. On the screen that says: Loading GRUB stage 2... it...
  3. I'm not really trying to learn about one...

    I'm not really trying to learn about one particular operating system, just general design concepts. An example of what I'm talking about would be this:...
  4. Gook book on operating systems

    Does anyone know of a good book about operating systems? It seems that on Amazon, all the books have 3 star ratings and someone always complains about errors or confusing writing etc.(Or they're from...
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    Guten Tag!

    Hello all fellow computer lovers! I just found the site and it seems to be very interesting. I hope to learn a lot of interesting little snippets from you people. (I'm not German, but I needed a...
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