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  1. Hey Guys. The name Logic Warz refers to...

    Hey Guys.

    The name Logic Warz refers to program logic, and the Logic program which is the brains behind each Bot.

    As the environment is closed and all Bots play on the same grounds, the only...
  2. Old Bit BBS - An online community for everything retro

    Hello Everyone.

    I'd like to invite you to join a new Community website devoted to BBSes, ANSI art and old games and programs of the era.

    Old Bit BBS

    The website...
  3. Logic Warz - Program your own Bot, battle other people's Bots

    Hello Everyone.

    I've just launched a new game which I think some of you might be interested in, especially those into Artificial Intelligence and programming in general.
    It's a free game\program...
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