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    OK LMAO there actually IS a dummies book for...

    OK LMAO there actually IS a dummies book for networking.... Is that the best place to start? I actually love to read as long as it is simplified like those books are. Are there other dummies books...
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    Security fundamentals

    OK, I want to know if there is any tutorial on here or that someone could link me to outside that would be informative to a complete newbie in the security area. I have looked up a wealth of...
  3. Ok I am interested in playing with the BO2K one...

    Ok I am interested in playing with the BO2K one but why would you not use it as a RAT on your own computers?

    I basically fix everyone I know's computers. Therefore, having access to my mother...
  4. Anyone here very familiar with sub7? Pros/Cons?

    Ok so I made it years and years on the internet without having ever even heard of what is apparently the most popular trojan there ever was.... Or that is what my reading has led me to believe...
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    Hello, I thought I would introduce myself and say hi.... I came here from a yahoo search on sub7 actually.

    Some moron said he had sent me sub7 after a file transfer. Well I thought it said it...
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