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  1. Heh, I've told them about the problem. And I saw...

    Heh, I've told them about the problem. And I saw someone else on a board I was lookin at found the problem also. We both told them about the problem. I myself worked on it almost all day getting...
  2. earthlink myaccount and webmail error msg vuln.

    Rather easy to find, but really big mess up on earthlinks part...

    In the myaccount and webmail login scripts, if you login incorrectly, it will give you the regular error message. Only problem is,...
  3. Thread: New here

    by Tyro_Pundit

    New here

    Hey, I'm new to antionline... I guess you would call me a newbie, but I'm not staight from SK land or anything... I'm here (and everywhere else) to learn as mush as possible... Hope to find some of...
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