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  1. Huhh ...

    Ok! :)

    Sorry, to bothering you (in hungarian).

    Other question:

    Where I find a translator program? I mean : English to Hungarian. (which run in a simple machine, because
    I don't have an...
  2. Hurrá!


    Édes az anyanyelv ... és így jobban ki is tudom fejezni magam!
    Szóval, van egy rakat könyvem, textem stb. pl: Rainbow books, Digital Voodoo Rel. 3., Hackers Handbook, stb,
    de némelyik...
  3. Where I find translates from famous tutorials?


    Please somebody Help!

    I find some tutorials in hungarian translate!

    If somebody know where I find this tutors, please contact me or send to me this files!

    Köszi !
  4. Replies

    I need tutors! (in hun translate)


    Please somebody help me!

    I find a some tutorials ... but in hungarian translate, because I just now learn english!
    (etc: Rainbow series writted is too difficult english ...)

    A few...
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