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    My checkpoint version is 4.1 sp2 and I will soon...

    My checkpoint version is 4.1 sp2 and I will soon upgrade to ng.

    Thanks a lot for this clear answer.

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    ispo upgrade and checkpoint


    my question is quite simple : is it possible to upgrade a nokia box under IPSO 3.2.1 to IPSO 3.5 without any modification to the checkpoint configuration?

    Thanx in advance for the...
  3. precisions

    I've got IE v5 and my first problem is not a problem on the searching toolbar... Moreover I'm running outpost firewall.
    The strange thing is that the error page is displayed, then after a few...
  4. problem of redirection under IE after mispelled url

    Hello, everyone.

    As a newbie to this site (but not really to security systems), I've got a problem with IE:
    When i type a mispelled URL the "cannot connect to server" page appears but just after...
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