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  1. What exactly "Locking the System" implies for Windows 98

    Hello everybody,

    In the context of a post on how to uninstal unobtrusive programs that instal in the background while one surfs the Net, one of the suggestions received was 'to lock one's...
  2. Hello everybody, I thank once again, all the...

    Hello everybody,

    I thank once again, all the above members for their valuable and timely advice.
  3. Reply to Manicchester's post.

    [quote)Can you be more specific.....what kinds of programs are you running that don't label themselves in the add/remove list?[/unquote]

    This has reference to the above.

    For example Programs...
  4. How to Uninstal Programs not listed in ADD/REMOVE PROGRAMS of Control Panel etc.


    ;) While surfing the Net I have noticed that sometimes unsolicited Exe Programs instal themselves and start running in the background. These Programs do not seem to figure in the list of...
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