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    clear the HP bios password

    my computer is Hp VECTIA VE ,it is so old,long time ago, i set password for my bios,but now i don't rember,so i use the flowing method to clear the bios password:
    1)remove the battery of...
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    abou request a receipt of inbox

    hi,everyone,i have a question about receipt:
    To request a receipt for a message that you are composing

    1. From the File menu, choose Properties, and then select the General tab.
    2. Under Options...
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    About inbox assistant!

    hi ,everyone, i have a question about inbox assistant
    i use exchange 5 client in company,i want all mail send to me can automaticaly forword to my personal mailbox,so i use inbox assistant ,so i...
  4. hi,all ,thanks a lot ,especially nihil yes ,i...

    hi,all ,thanks a lot ,especially nihil
    yes ,i have checked my bios ,it is not support bootable usb device,i want update my bios ,but
    MSI has stoped update the 6153 bios,is it there is no solution...
  5. thks,my os is win xp, my usb hardware is...

    thks,my os is win xp, my usb hardware is usb(flash disk)disk,i want it can like Floppy boot my computer,but in my bios ,there is only A,C,CDROM choice ,no usb-fdd to choose,can you understand my word
  6. how make my computer can boot from usb-flopy

    hi,my computer's maiboard is msi socket 370 6153(bx chipset),i have update the bios to the newest(but it is 2000/12)when i buy a large harddisk, now i have a usb-disk,it support startup,but there is...
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