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  1. How to identified cryptographic algorithm used?

    Hi there!
    The following question is something I always questioned myself since I started learning crypto: how do you identify what algorithm has been used to encrypt a given cyphertext?

    We know...
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    Choose a language and get a programming book on...

    Choose a language and get a programming book on it!
    <a href="" onMouseOver="open(;">Cheers</a>
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    ok, gotcha. thanks for the -l flag. however, i...

    ok, gotcha. thanks for the -l flag. however, i tried the command on myself and other friends' usernames that were online and didnt display the local host. i guess the app is still under...
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    Whats the point of using an application to crack...

    Whats the point of using an application to crack the password? I dont get it. I mean, if our bios is asking us for a password we dont know how are we going to start the computer and be able to run an...
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    thanks h3r3tic, but i dont think this program...

    thanks h3r3tic, but i dont think this program does exactly what i want since it shows in which computers an user is logged on remotely , not locally

    thanks anyway
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    From username to host?

    Hi there.
    This question is related to windows networking commands.
    If I wanted to know who is logged in a computer in a LAN I can do this with the following:

    nbtstat -a computername

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    Man, these hackers are just cheap! Sometimes some people just need an excuse to hack into a site 'cuz some of them dont even believe in certain ideologies.

    Whoever judges an entire group just...
  8. - Church of the swimming elephant?

    Hi people. I came across this site. They really have a good selection of computer security tools in the downloads section.

    What it is so confusing is why do they call themselves "the Church of...
  9. Thread: NetCat

    by pagvac

    do it though the command prompt urself

    The problem here is that when you execute a DOS application by using explorer (double clicking on the file), the command prompt window closes as soon as the program is done so you dont even have time...
  10. So what is the conclussion?

    So can we conclude that you cannot do it through netbios?
  11. AV version not relevant

    I didnt mention the AV version because i just used as an example of an application to be remotely executed.

    Thank you guyS!!! :D :D
  12. The problem is that I want to do it through...

    The problem is that I want to do it through netbios, without having to use any additional application such as PC Anywhere.

    I want to learn how to open any applications located in a shared folder,...
  13. Remotely executing a program on my computer - netbios

    Hi there!
    I have a problem:
    I have a small LAN set up at home and I'm sharing some folders in one of the computers through netbios. I have an antivirus on that shared folder.

    My question is,...
  14. Now not only computer security degrees but also master's degrees

    Wow! Things are changing so fast. I'm almost done with my Computer Engineering major. I'm thinking about doing a master's degree on Computer Security. I must say I've found a very small number of...
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