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  1. Introduction to Linux : very interesting

    This guide is very interesting.

    It is important to know that free softwares provide good solutions for computer forensics.
  2. sleuth linux

    Ok, it seems that sleuth linux is based on Knoppix.

    I'l try it...

    Best regards.
  3. Remote investigation for Trojan detection

    To detect trojan infected hard disk, it is not possible to work in front of the computer, or to remove the hard disk from the computer.

    I'm thinking about remote detection possibilities, for...
  4. Investigate a Computer with a bootable Linux CD


    Several time, I managed to analyse a MS Windows protected computer with a bootable linux distribution.

    I did it with Knoppix.

    What kind of Linux tools do you use ?
  5. Well, I think too that the best solution is to...

    Well, I think too that the best solution is to copy the .doc file, rename it in .text file, and open it with notepad.

    Here is what you can see :

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    I'm an Online private investigator


    I'm a private investigator, escpecially working in computer forensics and Internet Investigations.

    I use ethical hacking and computer security tools and software. Sometime, I create...
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