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    I try to crack the password just to learn how to...

    I try to crack the password just to learn how to do it, in order to find out a way to prevent people crack it.

    Just like a company network security, he know how to protect company server by...
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    Anyone know any tool can do bootable pwdump?

    There are lots of password dumping tools, like pwdump, pwdump2,3,4,5, samdump...
    But they all required a administrative privilege logged in. So I need is a bootable one. None of them can do...
  3. Yes, I understand I could reset the password...

    Yes, I understand I could reset the password without knowing the password using some tools.
    But since this is a security forum, my goal is to research how the crack works in order to prevent it. My...
  4. How do I find out the windows password hashing is using? lm, ntlm, ntlmv2?

    I am trying to find out the windows login password a computer is using. I do not have administrator privilege. I could boot from a cd. Does Offline NT Password & Registry Editor helps? How to find...
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