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  1. Hi Dinowuff, Unfortunately though, my first...

    Hi Dinowuff,

    Unfortunately though, my first post wasn't spam. The HJT log seems to be clear because I had already deleted the dlls and registry entries I could, before taking the HJT log.


    Greetings, people!

    I'm terribly sorry for the delay in posting this thank you message but here goes.
    Thank you for the suggestions and inputs. I've been successful in getting the nasty SOB off...
  3. HELP!!! vundo/zlob/smitfraud trojan on my PC!

    Hello, I've tried similar solutinons but they all seem to fail. I've tried SmitfraudFix, VundoFix and others, but none of them seem to work for me.

    I get popups and certain sites do not open...
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