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    Need help with tablet tracking mode

    Well, the tracking on my tablet is messed up. I want it to use absolute (so that the table is porportion with the screen, ya know?) but it keeps using relative. I tried uninstalling the...
  2. Folders that weren't here when I first got this comp

    I was looking through my files, and I found several folders named $NtUninstallQ319580$ (though the numbers vary). My OS is Windows XP, and could someone tell me what these folders are for?
  3. Virus (worm?) that uses abandoned e-mail accounts?

    I was curious about a virus I (almost) encountered awhile back. I was sent an e-mail with a subject somewhere along the lines of, "I send you this in exchange for your advice." It also had an...
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    ::ahem:: I hope you weren't referring to ALL...

    ::ahem:: I hope you weren't referring to ALL youths?
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    [shadow]Well, Windows XP is designed for faster...

    [shadow]Well, Windows XP is designed for faster CPUs. My computer is a 1.8 GHz, and Win XP has been working fine for me. The only time that assistant pops up is in Word, Excel, and programs like...
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