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    The Ultimate Deterrent

    The ultimate deterrent

    Would you think twice about breaking into a web site if every packet you generate is recorded.

    We have the ability to record and manage Terabytes of data in real time, if...
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    full post event analysis

    In response to a previous thread for backtracking the path of a virus.

    If you want to track something to its source, you have to have a powerful tool that will allow post event analysis.

    We use...
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    Poll: Misinterpretation


    Sorry but my intensions are being misinterpreted.

    Itís a hypothetical debate.

    Iím trying to get a feel for how people in the US would react if we refused to hand over Bin Laden.
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    Poll: Would you bomb the UK?

    This is a topical question rather than anything IT related but I thought it would be interesting to get some feedback from you folks across the Atlantic.

    If UK Police arrested Osama Bin Laden at...
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    I feel that if you want to develop a Sniffer...

    I feel that if you want to develop a Sniffer before you even think about coding you will have to gain a good conceptual understanding of how the lower levels of the Systems work, and at what level...
  6. Thread: Sniffing

    by S_Tsirtonis

    Network analysis.

    This falls under my remit.

    It depends on how the network is set up and the information you want. As far as software agents go I donít know what is available but I do know what information you can...
  7. Ok yes that is a fair point and it is not...

    Ok yes that is a fair point and it is not realistic to record that much data, and I am not a telecom engineer so I donít really understand the infrastructure. I am much more comfortable with VOIP.
  8. Ok lets drop in some assumptions. Your primary...

    Ok lets drop in some assumptions.

    Your primary fear is of abuse of power, how would that be achieved.

    In an unmanaged environment lets say the various agencies have a national network in place...
  9. The arguments to this point are more constructive...

    The arguments to this point are more constructive than I was expecting.

    Yes I can see how you would wish to defend your privacy, Information on your web usage, is already stored and can be handed...
  10. How do you feel about being monitored on line?

    This may seem like stupid question to as in a forum such as this where civil liberties are high on the agenda. I also know that in the US you are far more vocal on the subject than people in the UK....
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    I believe my area of expertise will be different...

    I believe my area of expertise will be different from the majority of users on this site. I deal in large scale network management systems dealing application performance analysis and network...
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