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  1. Sure, I understand that once can physically...

    Sure, I understand that once can physically install items on this laptop and get logs sent to them over the network. After scanning the laptop with a variety of programs I am fairly confident there...
  2. Win XP, MSN Messenger 6, Keylogging and Proactive Action

    Hello all,

    For some strange reason I believe the network admin at work has added a keylogger via the logon script when I log onto the domain on my laptop. It is bad enough that the script...
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    Boosting the range on Cat 5e cabling

    Hello All,

    Anyone know of a reliable product that can boost Cat 5e signal that will allow me to run 250 metres of cable reliably? I do not need a 100mg connection and can live with a 10mg one.
  4. Proposals/Research re: Enterprise Server AntiVirus Package

    With hopes of not creating the wheel once again, I am hoping that those of you in this community have at some point in the past either composed a proposal for a server-based AntiVirus solution, or...
  5. Two Firewalls, One LAN and an uphill battle

    Hello one and all,

    For some time now, I have been attempting to migrtate the Checkpoint FW-1 out, and replace it with a Cisco PIX 515 with a failover unit and a Sonicwall Pro 200. Along with this...
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    In the past, I have just drilled down into the...

    In the past, I have just drilled down into the file structure of the NT server running Checkpoint and launched the management applications directly from the server on a Win2k workstation. Think of it...
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    Very useful information, thanks for your help...

    Very useful information, thanks for your help gentlemen!
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    DSL failover on a Cisco 2621

    In my humble opinion, this is security related since it involves a router. The config on said Cisco 2621 has two routes, for two different ISP's which are accessed by two different xDSL routers.
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    Enterprise Firewalls

    Before choice words are posted in my direction with regards to information and diatribes on firewalls being previously posted, I shall admit, a host of information is available in this forum with...
  10. Interesting how apple talks up how cool their...

    Interesting how apple talks up how cool their streaming proxy services however you can find no information. Maybe I am just blind.

    Thanks for the link to Seems like an easy and...
  11. Some sort of Proxy services for Mac OS X 10.x

    Hello from Sydney!

    I must come up with a very interim solution that involves implementing a newer and more stable proxy solution, hopefully on this Mac G4 Server/Mac OS 10.x that I just have...
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