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    I was trying to install java based application… ...

    I was trying to install java based application…
    yes, i can install it thru cli..however, i cannot view that application thru cli
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    Xmanager sounds ok...but that is shareware. is...

    Xmanager sounds ok...but that is shareware. is there any free xmanager that i can get. thanks
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    Best practices for host assessment


    Could you share some experience how to perform host assessment. From what I know, it’s not much different from network assessment cause we also can do it remotely. (correct me if I’m wrong).....
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    How To Manage Solaris Remotely With Gui


    I need to connect to the Sun server using gui remotely. Besides using something like vnc, is there any way to manage that server remotely with GUI.

    How about x-manager? correct me if i'm...
  5. Web Application Vulnerabilities, acunetik high level threat

    I just finish web based audit using Acunetik. From the result, I found that a lot of vulnerable service affected that particular server. Before I finish the report, I have to prove them that this...
  6. bypass firewall - p2p program such as kaaza, morpheus, etc..

    before this i'm using kaaza to download something from bypass firewall, i'm using hoopster. but recently, there are lot of problem with kaaza which is it contain too much spyware...
  7. find out ip address for each port in switch

    let say i have a cisco switch 100 Mbps 24 port...
    each port has a cable that connect to pc (user)

    what i want to know is the ip address of computer through the switch that...
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