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  1. message to hacker

    I found the following message to be helpful , as no hacker activity occurred after I posted it tonight. They will either consider it a challenge ...or a curse! :
    (type this on status bar of IM):
  2. HEY! I have the same problem, but i'm on a Mac,...

    HEY! I have the same problem, but i'm on a Mac, running OS 9.1, and this HACKER stole my IM ID and is going onto all my chat rooms petending to be me, and saying some awful things. I turn my comp on...
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    Big Mac Attack!

    HELP! I have a annoying little cracker in my soup. Anyone know how to set up the proverbial 'Iron Box'? I'd like to discuss this securely.
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    My Ass is on fire!

    HELP! My ass in on fire and i think i've got a bob in the box! Copy? :confused:
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