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    MicroSoft TechNet Briefing - Orlando FL

    I went to a TechNet Briefing in Orlando Florida about two days ago. Not only are these meetings free they are very informative. I would reccomend you look for one in your area just to check it out...
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    Black Hat, White Hat?

    I am currently in college for "Computer Network Administration". Of course that means my job is going to be securing networks among otherthings. I'm willing to bet just about half of the people who...
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    Red Hat 9 - AOL & Modem drivers

    I have had Red Hat 9 on my hard drive ever since I took my Linux class at college. I love the operating system and everything it can do but I have not used it in some time becuase I can not connect...
  4. Implementing and administering security on a MS Windows 2000 Network

    This is the book we are using in my curent class at school. It's the first class of the second wheel and is now teaching more advanced techniques from what we learned in the past six months. This...
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