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    Am I using a 64 bit processor?

    I use the following:

    AMD Athlon 64 X2 dual core processor 5400+

    Does this mean I have a 64 bit processor? For some reason I was sure I was using a 32 bit processor.

    Is there a way to...
  2. F8 doesn't put computer to safe mode

    since my computer requires a password, does that mean i cant use f8 to put the computer to safe mode? it doesnt work.
    My Web Site
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    Top 5 Laptops for the Fall-

    Availability: December 2012
    The outlook: A new entry in Hewlett-Packard's highest-end laptop line, this slim 15-incher looks very slick and capable, and would even if you didn't know it had a touch...
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    Windows based software.

    Hi -

    we are a small php programming firm and are wondering how softwares for windows are done?? i mean we have a online php software which user's can install on their website... kind of a plugin...
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    A Server in Home

    I have a old celron computer, just wasting my room space, I got an idea that, instead of wasting that hardware can i design a server through that system. It have 20 GB HDD and 256MB x2 512 RAM,...
  6. Application Hosting | Accounting, CRM and Tax application Hosting Benefits

    Cloud computing technologies have allowed the small and medium business to usher into the lean and thin IT infrastructure environment where in the costs associated with managing, establishing, and...
  7. HOw to choose CRM software for business ?

    Hello friends

    Please tell me about how to choose right CRM software for my business.
    Which is the best CRM software free and paid.
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