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  1. I can't find it plz just give me a website or the...

    I can't find it plz just give me a website or the code
  2. Need Html code to add .zip files to website

    Ok right now im on a budget so im using a geocity website abd i need to know what is the whole html code to put a zip folder download on your website thank you so much also along with that how can i...
  3. Dan--- Programing and languages

    What language to learn first? :wow: :dunce: I know that it is a stupid quetion and u might get angry at me to ask but well I want to make sure. Now a started with other computer stuff earlier....
  4. Dan is here!!!! (newbie learning, hacker in training)

    Now I might not be anywhere near as all of you here. but im learning . Unfortunetly I still am learning html and then go on to python. Yes, I do like learning all the computer stuff. But one thing...
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