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    ms dos help

    going to the Ms - Dos and typing in edit then opening up one of various files...what am i looking at? Is there a name for it and is there any way to change it so its somewhat distinguishable? thanks...
  2. Don't have to worry about parents or a landlord...

    Don't have to worry about parents or a landlord nagging about constant drilling...file server and gaming will most likely both be done. I was leaning more in the way of the wireless networking due...
  3. putting together a home network...and im just please?

    Im going to be putting together a network consisting of 4 computers...two desktops and two labtops. What should I do for the best
    system? What operating system would be the best? Wireless or with...
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    Im taking Visual at school now, and have learned...

    Im taking Visual at school now, and have learned that by playing around with it i have learned alot...although probably not the route you
    are wanting to take...if you enjoy reading, then get a book...
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    previous thread/letter of apology

    due to the closure of my previous thread, bess...and a bofh, i was unable to answer a few questions. first the reason that i was a shake away from being kicked off the network, was that i
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    bess...and a bofh

    I need help getting around bess internet filter with internet explorer. and i have a systems administrator thats a shake away from kickin me off the network, any help would be greatly appreciated.
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