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    whats ur problem
  2. Please Read i need hackerz/programerz/ anyone that wants to help

    Hello,i am in need of a hackerz group or whatever you want to call it. anyway i am in need of hackerz programerz newbies crackerz,that want to unite anf form a group to join our group please click...
  3. Thread: mcaffee firewall

    by fs740

    Ihope this helps.

    Well since no one can figure it out here is i would say a better firewall is so download it

    Lockdown 2000
  4. Im In Search Of Programerz/hackerz/anyone That Would Like To Help Please Read!

    Ok,i am in need of programerz/hackerz/crackerz anyone that knows what there doing and want to help fight back. just go to

    DarkStar Hacking

    And click on join. Thanks fs740
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