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  1. Which is the best Firewall for Enterprise solutions?

    Heng here.

    Actually, onto my workspace we use Sophos XG Firewall for cloud control and massive monitoring, but he has some sorts of cons. that make it "not the best for what we require"....
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    By all the stress and psichological problems that...

    By all the stress and psichological problems that i had, music was what help me more, like lofi, rehab, instrumental.
    It's a good choice listen to music while you are trying to relax... and working...
  3. "Admin Approval Mode", would be an way to turn on automatically?

    I was working recently as a IT Support, and a problem appear:

    Error 0x80070522;

    I couldn't create, save or load any document in the computer. It happened between 5 ~ 6 hours ago.
    I search and...
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