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  1. here is the directory structure ...

    here is the directory structure

    C:\Inetpub\bad\_vti_log\.sys\COM-K-6+M\ COM\com2
  2. That reallyh help GandalfTheGray, although i was...

    That reallyh help GandalfTheGray, although i was able to delete all except one which i think i need posix rm.exe for, does anyone know where i can download one seems to be for sale.

    I'm still...
  3. Thanks for your reply guys, but this is not a...

    Thanks for your reply guys, but this is not a dummy directory issue, its a well known hack, i know Dos like the back of my hand so that doesn't work. the server was hacked and several directories...
  4. How do i remove directories that can't be deleted

    Can some please let me know how i remove or delete directories that you can delete in Windows or Dos. I was hacked and i have long strings of directories that can't be deleted.
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    boyfriend now a spy kid

    hi kittycat let me first of all make this plain simple, for you to minimise your anonymity on the web you have to watch where you go and erase it as you go, in other words take two step and erase the...
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    ip spoofing

    hey i dont know what system you want to spoof on but if you is linux that should be simple but when i comes to windows you gotta be a genius, for windows there are tons of way but they are all as...
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    hey not everyone is a pro, must computers wiks come in here to learn, so i dont think you should go on cursing him or blursing him for asking a question which you have classified stupid
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