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  1. I agree there are softwares which can do that but...

    I agree there are softwares which can do that but a true computer lover always should know each and every way a thing can be done. Beside there is no fun using an already made third party tool. You...
  2. Changing your boring startup screen to a cool funky one of your choice

    This is an easy trick for windows 9x and I'm sure most of u know it, but if you dont then u can learn it from here.
    R u tired of your boring Start up screen? Want to make it cool and funky?
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    I'm new but I pck a punch

    Hi everybody, I am Anurag. (aka. Max) and i'm looking forward to learn here at Antionline. I would love to make frinds and share knowledge. I hope I acn be of some help to u and u can be of some help...
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