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  1. it's time to eat crow.

    Well, I really don't like to admit to my own carelessness but I think I should in this case.

    Sometimes I forget the old rule "Keep It Simple, Stupid" My paranoia got the best of me. I wondered...
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    I don't believe basic human intelligence is...

    I don't believe basic human intelligence is improving, at least not in the leaps and bounds you suggest, merely the level of technology that humanity has mastered is increasing. This in turn allows...
  3. serious UDP activity originating from port 53

    I hope i posted this in the right place.. don't neg me if I didn't.

    Some background: I'm using windows ME on a cable modem which appears to be static IP, at least it's stayed the same since I got...
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    music piracy is wrong... period.

    I agree and disagree with the music industry on a number of points.
    I believe that music piracy is wrong no matter what shape or form it takes. Theft is theft, period.
    In the pre-peer to peer...
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    Hellos all around

    I'm fresh to antionline so i just thought I'd say hello to everybody. I'm more of a lurker than anything unless something really grabs my attention and i feel required to add my 2 cents.
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