I am currently helping my friend work on his network. We are running win2000Server & the workstations are running Win2000Prof. The problem is, that when we set the printers up on the workstations, or any settings for that matter, when you reboot or log off, all the settings are lost. That means when you get back on under the users name, you have to set everything back up. Including registration for OfficeXP software & Outlook Express. We have a 3Com Network switch, SonicWall Firewall/VPN, and cable modem via charter on both sites. On the first location we have, there are no problems. . . So I cant figure out why this is happening at the other locations. We figured the system might be using Roaming Profiles for each user, so we set up printers in each users personal folder, which didn't work. Any help would be greatly appreciated.