I know, I know. I raised the hair on your neck.

I realize Antionline has never been a site where hacking Hotmail is discussed and users have names like hAkerzDuDe or any of that.

However, a ton of newbies visit this site and maybe you could direct ALL newbies to this forum FIRST.

The forum could have a few "sticky" threads that explain what the site is about and to explain to some that if they want to hack Hotmail, they should search www.google.com for "hacking hotmail" and they will find all the info they need.

For the newbies that are not total idiots and simply want to learn, a sticky thread could provide links to tutorials and other sites more at their level.

I believe this would keep the other forums on a more technical level (which is what you seem to want) and would certainly cut down on flaming in those forums.

The newbie forum could still provide a playground for Negative and the others who feel in a playful mood.

Anyway, the forum said "site suggestions". LOL

One more thing. As much as this site refers people to www.google.com, why aren't they paying JP for a banner?