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    That's the thing though. By Mac keeping ahold of their products I don't have to worry about buying crap.
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    You have a purpose for your machine and it works better with a pc than mac or if it works better with a mac than a pc.

    That is all.

    Its not what machine is better its the purpose that you use it for that make its better or worse.

    I use both.

    None is overall better.

    The better machine has yet to exist.

    If you find it drop me a line.

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    I have always used mac, and I think it is a stronger operating system, but in the end its not the tools but the man (or woman, or AI) using them!

    PS Macs rule!
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    Talking Right Click

    Originally posted by Craisins
    I just like the fact I can right click on a PC.
    I can also right click on a Mac....
    I know !! I have both and both have IntelliMice on them.
    I also use a Compaq Keyboard, Installed stock hard drives
    in Macs,
    I also used staandard 168 pin memory in Macs
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    I keep on seeing the post 'the majority of the world uses PCs so Macs are crap', this is like saying the majority of the world drives Fords so Ferraris are crap! Just because the majority of the world uses something it doesn't mean it is better!

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    I seem to be addicted to PCs... I tried a MAC once upon a time but I couldn't figure out how to turn the damn thing on!
    j/k (I hope), I've just never had much experiance with macs so I can't make a strong educated decision...I'll just keep my PCs you keep ur MAC : )

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    I think that overall the mac is a better product.
    I mean, for some reason people will pay thousands of dollars to get a decked out car over a car thats patched together, but wont do the same with PC's. I just dont get it.

    But I think i see the problem. It doesnt appeal to the folks familiar with computers. What macs are missing is the ability to customize. Sure you can get them in different tropical colors but im talking hardware. I think that if a hardware company other than Apple made cheap compatible parts so peeps could custom build their machines, the Mac would be KICKING. It really needs to be a Software company or a Hardware company. They cant be both. Its limiting the amount of potential customers by giving them 3 possible configurations for 5 computers. Take a look at what other hardware vendors have done for the Palm OS. Sony and (the almost deceaced) Handspring picked up where Palm dropped off and made an ( at the time) awesome product, hell, it even got Palm back on the ball (or close to it). Apple could definately get some marketshare back, cuz frankly OVERALL the packages they offer are SUPERIOR to those offered at DELL or Gateway.

    But even if you do like Windows/Intel-AMD computers, I would recommend you looking into other Operating systems or even different hardware options before the Palladium stuff hits the shelves. I think that if enough people are aware of what Bill and his lackeys are up to it could either: 1) force them to give up the whole idea, or , 2) put them under for good. Actually even though I dont like M$ I would hate to see them go under. We need competition people!!! Its good for the evolution of the computer!!! Basically be aware of what happens when you spend your money, if we do lose Apple it all rests on Linux.

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