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Thread: quick question

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    *****SONY VIAO*******
    There not cheap.....But the kick ass look and just everything about them just Ownz

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    Sony Vaio? They're sold out, Limp : http://www.sonystyle.com/vaio/rx/index.html . Not cheap? Don't know about 'cheap' prices in the States, but 1.000$ is not what I call a lot of money for an Athlon 1200 with a 60 GB HD, 128 RAM and a DVD/CDRW. On paper, this indeed looks like a pretty fast machine.

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    This is easy. Don't buy, build.

    I have built every one of my puters (except the TI 99-4/a and the Tandy 1000TL) and have found it to be a learning and enjoyable experience.

    You can find a lot of info about motherboards, video cards, etc.

    For home use, I might recommend:

    Asus motherboard
    20-30 GB Hard Drive (I like Western Digital)
    ATI All-in-Wonder video card
    128-256 MB Ram
    Any Creative SoundBlaster card.
    CD R/W Drive (I like Plextor)
    Case of your choice w/ 300W power supply

    Check your newspaper for computer shows in your area.

    Anyway, just my opinion. Like I said, I very much enjoy building my own puters. I hope you will too.

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    Lightbulb BUILD!!!!!!!!!

    i will have to agree build your own computer you will like it more
    you should go to www.alienware.com to see the best damn computers i have ever seen

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    Thumbs up WOOHOO!!

    ok now were getting somewhere!!! ok i should build my own comp and if i cant find an A+ class/manual then i should buy one from www.alienware.com ok that i can do!
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    The best computer around nowadays would be the IBM ASCI White, SP Power3 375 MHz 7226.

    More info on prices and specifications: Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Livermore USA.

    There's a 10% off right now, so go and get it! No shipping costs!
    And I bet they'll even supply you with some free software for that thing.

    ****in' A

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    I live by this... "A computer is only as powerful as the user who is using it". If you're a dumbass, it doesn't matter what computer you use, you'll still be a dumbass and it will perform dumbass operations. If you're intelligent, then your computer will be a useful tool no matter what speed or performance it has.

    besides, computer specs change every day, so there is NO WAY you can always have 'the best' .
    some day, all this will change since there's not good enough material to build faster comps with, but until then, you'll just have to buy a new comp every year, sorry.


    oh, and soviet spie , i can even run doom II on my new amd athlon xp 2000mhz =] and doom also runs quite nicely =)
    when i get to 3000mhz, i might even consider to buy 'Quake' and give it a go =P

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