This is some information for newbies and those working the phones as Tech. Support.

Recently, my father called his DSL provider (FKA. Northwestern Bell Telephone) with a problem. His DSL connection looked good but he couldn't navigate through the internet using his browsers. IE and Netscape.

Told to Mr. Tech. Support personel at (FKA. US WEST).

Browsers. Didn't work.
The OS. Called me.

You have got to be kidding.

Real solution for those of you who don't know....*ALL EMPLOYEES OF QUEST SHOULD READ THIS.

Easy as 1 2 3. But first you should make sure you either have a copy of Windows on you computer or a windows cd.

1. Start-Settings-Control Panel-Network

2. Remove Dial Up adapter and TCP-IP... RESTART COMPUTER

3. Add Dial Up Adapter and TCP-IP. RESTART COMPUTER.

Now remember...If you computer prompts you with
The file you are copying is older than the file on your computer. Do you wish to keep the file. NO! I have found that one or more of these files are the ones causing the problems. So use the version that is on your CD.

Your Network protocol should now be reinstalled and ready for business.

Lot easier than REINSTALL!

I hate those idiots at QUEST!

Moral of the story. Know where the problem lies before acting on your impulses!