I have a freeware football office pool that is wrttine in MS Access. The person who wrote it forgot a game for this week and I need to add it. But there is a "User level" password in his MS Access program so I can't open the .MBD file.

I have the .MDW file that he uses, but I don't know his ADMIN password.

I have found lots of programs to get this info, but they all cost over $45. Is there anything out there that can get me into this program to make this one minor change.

Is there a program to do something like the "brute force" stuff I see for unix passwords. I am on a WIN98 platform and it pops up a logon window, I know the login name, just not the password.

I did download a demo program from the costly ones, and it told me that "to" are the 1st two letters of his password. That is all I know.