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As for your changing of drive letters on yoru main partition.
I think that any version of windows would have flipped out at that.

Lets say that you had windows installed in D:\Windows
or whatever,
If you change that partition's Drive letter to C:\
then all registry entrys would still point to D:\Windows.

During the loading of windows, one of the first things it would do would be to initialize the registry, and all the invalid links to D:\Windows.

Also, all the driver path's would be wrong, causing a hardware crash on bootup.

Well if i do a clean install like i did that should not be a problem but of course it becomes a problem like you say if you change the main partition drive after the insallation, i just changed since i was gonna format anyway.
However some people have told me that they have installed winXP on another partition than c:\ and have not gone through the icon problem i described so i am inclined to think that something went wrong during my installation.
I have had Win98 win2k and linux on my machine at the same time and not had a problem, but now that i only have Xp i had a problem that tixed itself when i formatted and installed again.

The mouse problem has also been fixed, it turns out that the PSU was causing most of my problems i bought a new PSU and many things that have not worked properly have started working... from now on the first thing i am gonna check out when having unexplained problems i am gonna check the psu.