Hey everyone! A brand new product from Mcafee, Virus Scan 6.0. This software is $39.99 USD (last time I checked) and I'm finding this program to be extreamly valueable. It comes with the new a improved version of VirusScan 6.0 which is much better then Norton Anti-Virus 2002. Also, to just make things better, it comes with Mcafee Firewall 3.0.

Now, Norton Anti-virus 2002 is like 49.99USD and it sucks, with its lack of feature. The NAV is basically, a basic no-access Scanner, with a On-Demand Scanner that only scan files, boot record...etc Just the basic stuff!

With Mcafee VS 6.0, you get a Firewall, and a Virus Scanner with all the features that comes with NAV, plus more. Like HAWK (monitors your system for any abnormal activity), Internet Filter (Active X, Java)....etc

Price, Mcafee is way cheaper but a $10 USD.

Also, just to introduce, The Mcafee Internet Security 4.0. It the best protection suits yet at the price of just $79.99 USD. Comes with All feature of Norton Internet Security 2002, plus much much more.

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I have just brought a copy of the Mcafee Virus Scan 6.0 Profession!!! HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!