I find this discussion about antivirus products interesting, I do alot of virus removal and have even done my own studies on 10 products and plotted my results which make for interesting reading using the latest version of the products available at the time approx 6 mths ago with the latest updates all downloaded on the same days and configuring all to the same settings your products like Norton 2001 scored 75% and mcafee 5 scored 82% of the ten products accuracy ranged from 60-96% with only 2 products scoring over 84% and one at 60% the other 7 products were between 70-84% so dont put too much faith in your antivirus scanners this was using the maximum setting with full heuristics so for the average jo with his Antivirus Program set to only scan program files things dont look too good.
I will also say that I found that I also had alot of trouble with mcafee locking up my system, also had problems with the update feature locking up.
Mcafee have released version 6 which I have not tried so I can not comment but I will get a copy at some stage and test with the same samples from previous tests to see what the difference is.

I used the same samples for all my tests.