One day last week i was surfing & hit the back button on my browser & got a page that was blank, except for ~Umy husband's name). This has continued to happen but it only happens when i'm on an i-village site. I've installed ZoneAlarm, ran more than one anti-trojan program & have deleted a couple programs. The programs flagged an efax program that came with an HP scanner, Backweb.exe, and Tsc.exe & i deleted those. But still i would get the screen with husband's name on it. i went in and manually deleted all temp internet files and cookies & now i just get a blank screen (which isn't quite as irritating as getting his name). While in the temp internet files, i discovered a program that i didn't recognize and deleted it without writing down its name. I think it was something like favonit.

Since i've installed Zone Alarm, i've found it easier to stay connected to the internet. For several months i had been thinking that my modem was tearing up because it wouldnt even realize that it was disconnected from the internet and i would have to re-start the computer to get the modem to work again. So am i correct to assume that someone was knocking me off the internet. I've had several suspicious looking atttempts to access my computer since i've installed zone alarm, including a few from people who are on my ISP.

I would appreciate any advice or information at all. And i'm sorry that i'm so stupid about all of this.