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    Well i have to say thanks to Korp Death i,ve used Zone alarm for awhile until he gave the www for sygate wow what an awsome firewall!! I didn,t know all those firwalls where still letting all those packets out to the net.But sygate is tested by outbound and it doesn't let any packets out. Now i know i,m protected. I did a quick scan at the sygate site www.sygate.com to see if i had any open ports and i did without (firewall) my Net bios was open which isn't a good thing and a few others where open to anyway go to the site to do a scan to see if your current firewall works or not. You can do a variety of scans like a stealth scan, quick scan etc...
    Thanks Korp Death


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    Originally posted by ANTI-HACKERS about ZoneAlarm
    Every minute i was getting a new popup.
    Those can be suppressed from the options; I think there was a checkbox for every kind of warning which you can then (un)check if you want to see the popup or not.

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    I see both products as awesome Zone alarm has its strengths and weaknesses i wont post the weaknesses but the great strength of zone alarm is that it can see outgoing traffic such as trojan programs thats the beauty of Zonealarm .Blackice has a great mini IDS for monitoring the network it often gives false positives because of the peer to peer networks out there that ping everything and search for Morpheus and Kazaa programs out there .I personally dont see any reason to knock zonealarm it does the job, just remeber this elf's/Warning any software based firewall sitting on an insecure platform is succeptable to that platforms weaknesses.


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