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    Re: hackers??????????????/

    Originally posted by magic1
    i have heard anything about hackers ,finding passwords ,crashing firewalls and things like this . but this is my opinion :

    It s hard to build and very easy to destroy

    i saw people on the net saying that they are hackers because
    they had break into a webserver or in a network with stupid administrators but let me explain

    a hacker is somebody with very good knowledge in


    and you really think that this person will spend the time to enter in a chat room a hacking your computer ??????????????

    i dont think so

    maybe somebody else but not a hacker

    A protected computer is the one bared 30 m under ground
    without network adapter ,floppy ,or cd rom (and with windows screensaver password )
    This post has many holes, Im not flaming, this is constructive critism, I hope.

    First of all it is easy to destroy? Well in reality yes, but crackers are usually as learned in the same aspects of security, programming and the internet as hackers. They require immense knowledge and skill. I do not condone their actions but respect their abilities.

    A hacker is somebody with excellent knowledge in everything computer related, many programming languages not just c, assembly and ?psychology?

    Chat rooms are the easiest place to find script kiddies, this guy is not referring to hackers as in real hackers but the commen expression used by many for the purpose of his story. Using cracker would mislead the average person despite going against true hacker values.

    Many script kiddies find chat rooms an easy place to find ill-informed internet victims.

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    ok let me explain

    why psycology ?????????

    did you know that most of computer user passwords are the trademarks of their computer hardware for exampe , "intelinside",pentiumIII,sony, or something like that .

    A hacker is somebody who find the weakness of a system and alert the administrator saying "hey you have a hole in your system .find it ! use your little brain ".And they have very good skills this true and i admit it .

    anyway thanks ennis for your post

    If God had intended
    Man to program,
    we would be born
    with serial I/O ports.

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    its called social engennering work wonders many time for me

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    Re: phsycology

    Originally posted by RiOtEr

    its called social engennering work wonders many time for me
    Then say social engineering, I believe psychology is the study of the mind, social engineering is manipulating people for your own needs it may require some understanding of basic psychology but its not hard to act like a businessman etc.

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    A hacker is or can be A WhiteHat or A BlackHat(cracker) or even a GreyHat
    WhiteHats usually tell about problems in a system while a BlackHat does some nasty stuff.
    But a Grey Hat,probally cruze's around and finds some interesting stuff.
    Hackers do go onto IRC if they have time or if they are the channel moderator.
    Also they have great expertise in school,and computers(and are probbally a nerd).

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