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Thread: The AntiPoints System Is Now Online!

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    I think the "AntiPoints" system will be a great addition to the site!

    Good Idea JP
    Simon Templer

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    Excellent idea, I can think of a couple of other sites that would benefit from a similar program.

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    Cool step for the site which make it differ from other and better ,

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    Great idea JP!

    I believe that the AntiPoints system doesn’t suppress the freedom to air one’s ideas. It must not also be taken just a means for gaining popularity on AO.

    AntiPoints is rather a tool that helps in preserving and maintaining sensibility within the forum. It encourages members to think twice or more before posting. Freedom of expressing one’s idea/s is not as simple as just voicing-out one’s thoughts. Sensibility and responsibility must be exercise as well.

    I also believe that the AntiPoints shall promote further camaraderie within the forum, by encouraging the growth of respect among members.

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    Really cool idea and realisation even if I find a bit sad that we need a tool to seed out good posters from bad ones.

    But yes, I agree, to many posts on "how do I get a serial crack for hotmail" ...


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    Heck of an idea

    I believe that censorship is usually fought for by the idiots of the US. Idiots and those without common sense fight for this right because it is the only thing that protects them.

    I am glad to see that we are finally going to start regulating those people who think they know something but post because they don't read first.

    I can't wait to rate....but poor negative what ever are you going to do. Maybe they need a flame section where you can flame those who come in there for points....LOL

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    Good one John, this could be fun.

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    He This will be fun

    He this will separate bad users from good hehe i like this idea hehehe good work jp

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    i liked this system...very very much....good...keep it up...

    all the best....


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    I like this feature, it makes you think before you post, to be constructive and think before you flame, damn JP thats making life very easy for yourself!

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