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    I have one of the old post/tutorials he copied saved. If you still want a copy.
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    That was a harsh but necessary expose.

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    Lightbulb HMMMMMMMMM

    Perhaps we have all learned some valuable lessons in these posts.


    1. Just be yourself dammit, dont try to impress people.

    2. Dont ever assume that ppl here are as stupid as you.

    3. If your posting and Terr gets a hold of your bullshit, your one short step away from screwed.

    4 Just ignore Galdron when he is posting while drunk.

    Good Thread, Good work, I am impressed, and afraid of you now Terr/. LOL

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    From KaKoKool in the "KaKoKoo, You Suck" thread
    Well it didn't hurt me at all quite right my friend as i have said they all were written before in notepad and other word processor i never said that i have written them so it was ur mistake thinking that i have written them.
    Im just sharing what i know nothing more i want from these things .
    From KaKoKool in his "Clerifying a few things" thread
    I just want to say that things im posting here are not written by me there are written by someother ppl, i just want to share what i come to know thats y im posting these tutorial but i have posted info. which i know myself or which i have written.
    Lets see... First you say that they were written in notepad or another word processor... And THEN you say that they were written by other people... and that you posted them exactly as you were given them! So you are plagarizing the original plagarists? That doesn't float with me. How do you know how these other people wrote it, then?

    Executive Summary

    Plagarisms of KaKoKool...

    I'm putting these up just so that other people will understand my grudge, because... well, heck, I find that important somehow. These are from my browser cache, since the threads were deleted. I have only put the URLs of the files he copied from, rather than the fulltext, and they are within the <angle brackets>. His (scarce) original writing is included. Some copy-pastes are only of sections of the writing, since often the original article is quite large, but the fact remains that he didn't write the majority of his posts.

    ----Thread Title: "Kerberos Torn"----
    <COPY-PASTED FROM http://hackingtruths.box.sk/kerberos.htm>

    Powered By Ankit.
    In This World If U Want To Rise : Sit On A Pin And Close Ur Eyes
    ----End Thread: "Kerberos Torn"----

    It was written by Ankit Fadia, and that information was between the title of the article and the text.

    ----Thread Title: "History Of Computer Language"----
    <COPY-PASTED FROM http://pi4arctan1guy.tripod.com/historyp.txt>

    (Special Thanx to Forbze
    ----End Thread: "History Of Computer Language"----

    Special thanks to the AUTHOR? WTF are you trying to say, that he only HELPED with this?
    CLEARLY and purposely misleading.

    ----Thread Title: "Tutorial: Sockets"----
    <COPY-PASTED FROM http://www.cs.rpi.edu/courses/sysprog/sockets/sock.html>
    ----End Thread: "Tutorial: Sockets"----

    ----Thread Title: "Setting up DNS caching with Linux (and Windows)"----
    <COPY-PASTED FROM http://blacksun.box.sk/caching.html>
    ----End Thread: "Setting up DNS caching with Linux (and Windows)"----

    ----Thread Title: "Info. abt DLL"----
    <COPY-PASTED FROM http://www.hideaway.net/PC_Security/.../texts/vxd.txt>
    ----End Thread: "Info. abt DLL"----

    ----Thread Title:"Tutorial: IP Addresses: What are they and how do i find them"----
    <COPY-PASTED FROM http://www.hideaway.net/PC_Security/.../texts/vxd.txt>
    ----End Thread:"Tutorial: IP Addresses: What are they and how do i find them"----

    ----Thread Title:"Tutorial: IP Addresses: What are they and how do i find them"----
    <COPY-PASTED FROM http://rootcore.can-host.com/files/texts/misc/ip.txt>
    <Cached Google Version Here: http://www.google.com/search?q=cache...ts/misc/ip.txt>
    ----End Thread:"Tutorial: IP Addresses: What are they and how do i find them"----

    And now, the most damning post of all, because he lied directly.

    ----Thread Title: "Untold Windows Tips and Secrets"----
    <COPY-PASTED FROM http://www.happyhacker.org/ht/secrets2.shtml>

    I will post more tips later.
    ----End Thread: "Untold Windows Tips and Secrets"----

    (Later he made another post in the same thread with stuff from
    <http://www.happyhacker.org/ht/secrets4.shtml>, with no comments)

    When I replied to the "Untold Windows Tips" thread, I said:

    Originally Posted by Terr
    KaKoKoOl, is it just me, or is your writing style very different between these tutorials and your normal posts...?
    He replied:
    Originally Posted by KaKoKool
    Terrr basically im not writing these tutorials directly in the window they are written in notepads word e.t.c i just copied them from there thats y u c difference in my normal posting and tutorials .
    Let's look at that, shall we? You said "Im not writing these tutorials directly, they are written in notepad"
    Now, by adding the qualifier "directly" you are STRONGLY implying that you DID write these turorials in notepad.
    If you didn't write them, how could you know they were written in notepad, huh? You have PRACTICALLY SAID YOU DID WRITE THEM.
    Do not try to deny it. You lie badly.

    That's my expose, in executive summary form. Have fun.


    Originally posted by Negative

    Now, this looks like something you wrote yourself...But then again: not it's not! I'm sure someone will come up with a link to the original writing eventually...
    I think that is here
    [HvC]Terr: L33T Technical Proficiency

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    Thumbs up Wow Terr


    Terr you certainly get the "best researcher reward"... You cited alot of examples... The evidence you have presented is overwhelming!

    Good Job
    Simon Templer

    \"Your work is to discover your world and then with all your heart give yourself to it. \"
    -The Buddha

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    I guess Negative does the anti-l33tzor stuff, I do the anti-plagarist stuff...

    Actually, I haven't done a big bash-fest (not to be confused with the shell) in a very long time. I think my posts in this thread have done much to balance all the less-worthy posts I've made... like this one.
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    Talking Where Was Terr for the OJ Trial?

    Geez Terr, you are a bloodhound. Marsha Clark and The rest of the L.A. District Attourneys should have consulted with you, O.J. would not be living in Miami right now! I feel a litle srry for Kak, but not much.

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    Nothing new here, but I felt like I needed to bash the plagerizing guy, too. I guess this just shows that certain senior members don't miss anything.

    Good luck salvaging your reputation here, KaKoKool.
    Why am I still here?

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    Thumbs up

    Terr you have out done your self this time your background on each of the threads wow keep it up you are one who can help keep us honest

    No good deed goes unpunished.

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    Only one thing

    You copy-and-pasted that from an African dictionary?

    Well easy got victim IP traceout address i mean u can either goto whois.net or use ant traceout program and u can trace the IP from where the person is attacking.
    U can use NeoTrace for this quite a good program and u can also check if the victim is preinfected by any trojan if it is infected u can hack that.
    One of the best thing u can do to the person is DOS ATTACk which can do any three of the following things to ur victim.
    Crush Windows
    Hang Computer

    I didnot copy it from anywhere in the world except my brain and everything e;se i beleive is tru but this one is only copied from my brain . If u r saying that i have i have copied it from dict. then u r 101% dame wrong here abt. DOS attack i know , its types who they work . Traceouting IP u can do that easily, whois.net is an offical site where u an trace any IP u can lookup who the vicitm is its ISP and other info. like geographical info.

    Negative if u could provide me even a single piece of evidence from where i have copied it i will stop comming on this site. and if not than booooo for u .

    by the way BOOOOOO in advance

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