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    I don't see the point of this thread, it seems sort of lame to me to wast this much space on such a thing. Whatever KaKoKoOl has done is nothing new to forums, usenet, irc, mailing lists etc.

    People have been stealing others writtings since who knows when. I was entertained by the amount of detail and precision that went into the flames, but I don't think anyone should be surprised by plagerism on a forum where acceptance is obviously so important to some.

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    Originally posted by KaKoKoOl
    The reason was that the person who started the thread want's to do something against MUSLIMS and as im a Muslim it really annoy's me s
    Well, *I* started this thread... What kind of excuse is this anti-Muslim stuff? Where did you pull that out of?

    Anyway, please let this thread die, people, it's old. It's had a full life. I only linked to it in a post in order to show something, not to reopen discussion on a very dated topic.
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