Hello All...

If you've followed my last few posts "VB Programming Question" and "FireWall Log Humor" then you'd know that I was writing a program that allows the user to view the Zone Alarm Firewall Log in a nice GUI. Well...I finally finished it...So I am posting it here for anyone to add to or download.

Here is some features of my program:

1) It allows you to view the log file in an organized, easy to read manner.

2) The lists can be sorted to easily view the data in terms of:
Type, Transport Type, Date, Time, Source IP, and Destination IP

3) By selecting an entry in the list you can choose to do a WHOIS lookup on the source IP (Through ARIN).

4) The destination port number is checked against a "port information file" to get information about the port.

For a screen shot of the program:


To dowload the program...go here:

This contains the EXE and the port information list. (This file assumes that you have the VB6 Runtime files)

About the Program:

The program is written in Visual Basic 6
It uses Common Dialog Controls and Windows Common Controls

If your interested in the source you can download it here:


I have't created a help file for the program yet.. and I haven't had time to test it on other operating systems. I know it runs perfectly on Win98... If your system does not have VB6 Runtime Files then you'll have to wait for me to post the Setup.exe package.

I'll be posting more information and a help file for the program on my site in the days to come!

Have fun and Enjoy!