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Thread: just curious

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    Kakasomething said:
    "my first language was LOGO besides that DOS

    After that GWBASIC.
    Than i learn C, Assembly language , JAVA , and now im working learning other fields like networking

    In hacking its been 3 -4 yrs"

    You know c and assembler and you think dos is a language? you're a constant source of amusement - keep it up!

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    I started with a Macintosh Performa 637CD, in 1995. Now I have more computers that I know what to do with.

    7 years and growing strong.

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    about 10-12

    ive been using comuters for bout 10-11 years the first computer had a tape drive and then i moved onto a atari and a c64 ithen a 2cx or somthing like that from apple
    now i have about 4 pc sitting in the garage with 4 macs around
    i started q basic when i was 12 then moved onto pascal then c/C++ and now java
    im fairly heavely into html and javascript and flash 5
    and looking for a computer related job in australia

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    Does the spoon really exist?
    Yes it does, the fork ran away with it.
    Tsk Tsk that \'vB Code is ON\' is really tempting me.. No bad prof.! BAD!

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    Re: just curious

    Personally, I have been using a computer since I was a child when my that my father bought (second hand mind you) the very first IBM PC ever produced. That makes me a 16 year vet on PC's and MSDOS.

    From there, programs in Basic. GOTO ROCKS! I've been programming since I was 12 (that makes it 8 years now).

    I'm currently in my third year in a BEng program, going for my Computer Engineering degree (Systems Specialization - GO MC68HC11!) at university.

    I am NOT a hacker/cracker but I AM a developer concerned with security.
    - Stronzo

    \"Vini, Vici, Vidi\"
    I came, I saw, I conquered.
    - Julius Caesar

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