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    Get the feeling people will be complaining about us chit-chatting in here but sure "pog mo thoin".

    Petes right Ennis,im from Cork.Hope Dublin is more interesting than it is than down here at the moment.

    Sorry to hear about those shootings Pete.The other day i was only telling people how Belfast was brilliant to go out on the tear cos i was up there for the first time at the radiohead gig last month.Thats some arena ye have got.No queing for drink or anything

    Anyway we should meet up in #Hackers_ireland on irc maybe some time.Havent been to it yet both dont know any other place where irish people interested in comp security seem to hang out.

    slan libh

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    Sounds like a good idea [IRC] and Dublin is well pretty good these days same as usual I suppose.

    Sorry bout the problems up there pete [will it ever end?]

    Anyway they should set up an Irish people's forum!

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